Sleigh Sightings Reported

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Sleigh Sightings

Sleigh sightings are up significantly after tracker elves worldwide were put on alert Sunday to look for flying sleighs.

The tracker map at went dark just as a new version of Santa’s sleigh was launched from the North Pole. It was reported that sleighs would be dispatched to every sector and so far there have been multiple sleigh sightings in EVERY sector.

This pattern will continue for the next couple of days – at least.

It is intended to be a training exercise for tracker elves, yes, but there is another unknown purpose for the map blackout.

This 12th version of Santa’s sleigh is the most mysterious of them all. The sleighs are using all new reindeer and pilot combinations. Each pilot has been sworn to secrecy about these final test flights.

The flights are very important. The test flights all year long have revealed problem after problem with Santa’s sleigh. The news has been very hard for elves at North Pole Flight Command to handle. The sleigh’s instability and unpredictable performance has made it difficult to come up with a workable flight plan. North Pole Flight Command feels that Santa is more prepared to fly thanks to the efforts of tracker elves all year long in proving new information. But Flight Command does not feel ready because they have not overcome the many problems with the sleigh.

So these final tests are engineered to get that confidence back in Flight Command.

How is it working?

I can’t tell you that.

Not yet.

Stay tuned.

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