Sleigh to Cover All Sectors This Weekend

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Sleigh to Fly Fast This Weekend

Santa’s sleigh and some of his reindeer will be conducting high speed tests this weekend that will span the globe.

For the first time this year a real simulation of Santa’s flight will take place as the sleigh will appear in the skies over all sectors over the next couple of days. The only time that happens is usually when Santa himself flies on Christmas Eve.

The purpose of these tests is to see how the sleigh performs under sustained speeds of an unusually high nature. The sleigh will be tested both empty and full, also at high and low altitudes.

Sleigh engineers and flight planners in North Pole Flight Command are increasingly positive about the new design of Santa’s sleigh. Most here really feel Santa has a great chance to set a new speed record this year.

The test flights have been going very well. In fact, the sleigh is so well thought of that many are starting to worry instead about the reindeer. They are closely watching the condition of the reindeer so THEY do not end up being the reason Santa doesn’t set the record.

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