Sleighs Continue Mad Dash Eastward

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The caravan of sleighs – ultimately heading for retirement at the North Pole – are doing their last bit of test service on this, their 2nd day, of extended flight.

The plan is for them to push over the Regional Tracking Center at Wiseman’s Creek in Australia before taking a long route north over the Pacific Ocean to visit Sector 5. We are uncertain of their exact flight plan but know that in time they will fly over the Regional Tracking Center in Mistletoe, Kentucky.

It is assumed that the long course towards Australia, over the Pacific and then the entirety of Sector 5 will take most of the day, if not all of it. It’s an ambitious flight plan. We do not know when they are stopping or where they will be staying the night. (It certainly will not be in Mistletoe, Kentucky. There are no facilities there to house sleighs, test pilots or reindeer).

The next day, which we believe will be the final leg of this long journey, should take them to the North Pole, where our test flight teams will be paired up with new sleighs. Those new sleighs are of a corrected design.

Those new sleighs will leave, presumably after another day or two, and head to a new theater of action, where a more traditional flight plan will be planned.

Once we know of those plans, we will inform you.

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