Ancient City of St. Nicholas to Be a Regional HQ

City of St. Nicholas

North Pole Flight Command is pleased to report that the city of Demre, Turkey will be home to Sector 2’s Regional Headquarters. Sector 2 covers Asia and the Middle East.

A regional tracking center is just an extension of North Pole Flight Command. It is staffed by professional elves and equipment with state-of-the-art tracking equipment that is specifically engineered to follow the path of Santa’s sleigh in the assigned region.

Demre is a town and its surrounding district in the Antalya Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, named after the river Demre.

Elf Dr. Grant Smedley, professor of history at Southern North Pole University, says the location of this regional head quarters has special significance to fans of Santa Claus. “Demre is home to the ancient St. Nicholas, who famously became the Bishop of Myra. Some believe the origins of Santa Claus were founded on the legend of St. Nicholas. Santa, of course, is an enthusiastic scholar of St. Nicholas and of history. He’s really happy about this announcement.”

For the tracker elves that reside in Sector 2 we admonish that you keep an eye out for breaking news at, coming very soon from our Elf Supervisor assigned to this area, Elf Clif Moyer.

For more information about Sector 2, please see this link.

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