Storm Clouds Gathering

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The Weather Center at Flight Command is warning of an intensifying winter blizzard over the next several hours at the North Pole.

Christmas Eve blizzards are nothing new for North Pole Flight Command. A staff of 35 trained weather specialists manage forecasts from around the world. Another team focuses on just North Pole weather, which always seems to play a part in air operations at the North Pole Sleigh Port.

There is no indication that the severe weather will affect Santa or Operation Airlift, which is the coordination of thousands of sleighs who support Santa in his delivery phase of operations.

However, ground crews and crucial North Pole Departments such as Santa’s Workshop, the North Pole Post Office and the Wrapping Department can be affected. Protocols are in place, as this is not a unique scenario at the North Pole. No known impediments to Santa’s progress are anticipated at this time.

We will keep you updated.

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