Test Flights Could Begin in July

Test Flights

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh could begin as early as July, according to North Pole Flight Command teams meeting with Santa. Several weeks ago the Department of Redundancy Department issued a warning that not enough time was being devoted to Santa’s sleigh this year which cause no small amount of upset in Flight Command.

Santa returned from the Elf Supervisor meetings in Costa Rica to find debate raging at Flight Command. Santa himself did not appear to have any concerns or opinions about the matter and seemed to be okay with the original schedule for test flights to begin the first week of September. But he met with those who issued the warning and with those in Flight Command responsible for the tests and it appears a compromise has been reached.

There are many details missing from this new plan, however.

For example, where are the reindeer needed to conduct these test flights? All of the reindeer have been absent from the North Pole since late January. Getting those test flight teams back early is going to require some effort that has not yet been talked about.

Likewise, test pilots for the flights need to be scheduled. We understand that several of the first team pilots are in the middle of re-scheduling their vacations in order to accommodate the new plan.

Will all this added effort actually help with the sleigh this year?

That remains to be seen.

I did check with the shop at the Research and Development Department and they reported that several prototypes of the new sleigh have been constructed and are ready to fly as soon as teams can be put together.

We will keep you updated.

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  1. Ashlee
    Ashlee says:

    Santa claus it’s ashlee I wanted to let you know that I have been very sick with covid however I’m so excited to hear that you might start test flights for your sleigh as early as next month because next month is July and its christmas in July all month long

  2. Ashlee
    Ashlee says:

    Dear elf meg nog my name is ashlee and im super excited to hear that santa will hopefully start test flying his sleigh next month please let him know that I’ve been very sick with covid but im starting to feel better


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