Test Flights of Santa’s Sleigh Can Be Tracked

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Test Flights Can Be Tracked

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh can be tracked at SantaTrackers.net.

SantaTrackers.net is home to elves who track Santa for Santa. This amazing North Pole program is Santa’s brain child. For five years now Santa has employed elves all over the world to help track him on Christmas Eve. Anyone can become an elf and openings are available for tracker elves. All the details are at SantaTrackers.net.

Flight Command is using the test flights of Santa’s new sleigh to extend training to Santa trackers all over the world. That’s why the map has been activated for tracker elves at SantaTrackers.net – to they can be trained. Using the map now in training will be helpful for new elves who have never done it before.

Flight Command is also working on a Tracker Elf Conference soon to be announced as part of Christmas in July. The Conference, the Map and other materials at SantaTrackers.net should be enough to train the millions of new elves Santa is hoping to hire for 2021.

We will be posting advanced schedules of the test flights in the days and weeks ahead.

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