Test Flights Headed to Europe

Test Flights Over Europe

North Pole Flight Command crews are preparing to resume test flights very soon. Santa’s sleigh will be leaving the mid-Atlantic and will be flying over land in Europe.

During the brief break in testing the sleigh received several design modifications. Engineers declined to specify what changes were made or why. They simply said these kinds of changes in the design of the sleigh are “routine” for this time of the year.

The reindeer used in supporting these test flights did receive a nice break. They are reportedly very anxious to get back to work. The Reindeer Department reported that no new reindeer have arrived at the North Pole to expand the working teams assigned to the test flights. We do not believe this is an issue, at least not in the short term.

How long the test flights would be over Europe was not announced.

We will all just need to watch the map in the coming days.

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