Test Flights May End Early

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Test flights

In a meeting late yesterday at the North Pole Elf Roger Star, Director of North Pole Flight Command, indicated he may end the test flights “early”.

The comment took many by surprise. Traditionally, Santa’s sleigh continues test flights up to the very hour of Santa’s launch.

But the test flights this year have been so successful that some are saying there’s just nothing further to test on the sleigh.

Twelve prototype sleighs have been flying near continuously since June of this year in an effort to get it “perfect”. There are rumors, especially based on test flights held recently, that this could be the fastest sleigh in the history of Claus flight.

Many are already talking that this could be the year when Santa breaks the 30-hour delivery barrier that has eluded him for so many years. In the past ten years Santa has completed his flight at anywhere from 30 to 36 total hours of flight time. Last year he came within 20 minutes of breaking that 30-hour mark.

Ending the test flights early would be an unprecedented action. Elf Roger refused to say anything more about it when local North Pole media tried to press him on the issue.

We will let you know if this goes anywhere.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Meg Nogg! That’s awesome! Thank you so much, Elf Roger, the N.P.F.C. elves, the test pilots, and their reindeer for being one and working so great! I want to give them big hands and high-fives! Santa would be getting excited to get within 30 hours around the world! I’m so pleased to help Santa’s historical flight on Christmas Eve with other elves! XD


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