Test Flights Planned Again Over Europe

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Test Flights Over Europe

Santa’s sleigh, her pilots and all 3400 reindeer have departed the North Pole and are now engaged in flight tests over North America. But they are actually headed to Europe this week for load tests.

Load tests are runs of the sleigh loaded with different amounts of weight. They will fly the sleigh over several different kinds of terrain and in all kinds of weather. In fact, I’m told that the geography of Europe is perfect for these kinds of tests. There is great variety there.

We do not yet know what timetable we’re looking at for these tests or how long the test flights will be taking place in Europe. We hope to have an update by mid-week.

We are also looking for an update on the return of Santa’s regular reindeer teams to the North Pole. But no one seems to have any information on that yet. We will keep you posted.

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