Test Flights Resume

Test Flights Resume

Test flights resume over Sectors 4 and 5 this week with desert areas being a focus, for some reason. North Pole Flight Command says the nature of these flights is “classified” and will not reveal exactly where they are headed or why.

We have been informed however that test flights will be scheduled for later in November that focus on tracker training. More details of these events will be shared at SantaTrackers.net for qualified tracker elves.

As the North Pole gears up for Operation Merry Christmas it should be noted that the test flight crew and sleigh design teams will actually start winding down their efforts for the season. A modified long-range schedule of test flights in December reveal that most flight will be done around the 18th of December, at which time Santa’s sleigh will return to the North Pole for cosmetic finishing.

A final test flight of Santa’s sleigh is scheduled just hours before Santa actually launches for himself.

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