Test Flights Switch to Nights Only

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Test Flights

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh will now only fly at night. Given that Santa’s flight is less than 12 days away, this move does not come as a surprise.

“Night flight testing is crucial because Santa spends his entire flight in the dark, no matter where he is,” says Elf Buck Sanchez, Flight Director at the North Pole. It is typical for the test flights to switch to all-night flying at this point in the calendar.

But some elves in Flight Command also see this move as a good indicator that things are improving with Santa’s sleigh. By switching to night flights many are thinking the sleigh must be performing acceptably. We have not received any confirmation of this however and the actual performance of Santa’s sleigh is right now being regarded as privileged information.

Version 11 of Santa’s sleigh has been functioning for over two weeks now.

We do not know if another version of the sleigh is expected to be tested. We have heard from elves in the Research and Development Department that version 12 of the sleigh has been constructed and is just awaiting decision on its deployment.

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