Test Flights to Begin Next Week

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Test Flights to Begin Next Week

With the repositioning of the North Pole Navy as announced earlier Santa’s sleigh has only seen a limited number of flights so far. That is soon to change. In fact, a full schedule of test flights will begin in a 24-hour-per-day operation as soon as next week.

We are not quite ready to announce the location of where these first test flights will take place.

Right now the entire fleet of new sleighs is aboard the Snowball in the North Atlantic. The North Pole Navy has deployed the Jingle Bell to the Pacific but it is not yet in position to support flight operations. Once it anchors at an undisclosed location the sleighs and reindeer will be split between both oceans on opposite sides of the world. How that will affect the scheduling of test flights we do not yet know.

Please stand by for those details.

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