Test Flights to Remain Over the Atlantic

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Flights Over the Atlantic

Flight engineers overseeing the test flights of Santa’s sleigh say that operations will remain over the Atlantic ocean for the next several days.

They are not saying why the sleigh tests won’t be moving to another part of the world anytime soon.

We did speak with famed test pilot Elf Vernon, an elf with many years of test flight experience.

“It is still quite early in the season,” Vernon said. “It is hard with the shifting seasons to find the right kind of weather to test the sleigh. The Atlantic is a famously moody body of water to fly over with all kinds of weather evident. By keeping it over the water they can put the flights through several kinds of tests that other parts of the world may not offer quite yet.”

It is also difficult at this time to pinpoint where flight planners are going to send the test flights next.

“We hear through the North Pole Post Office that fans want to be able to see Santa’s sleigh, either day or night,” Elf Doris Snapp, a sleigh traffic controller in Flight Command said. “We get it. We’d like to send the sleigh to places where people can see it in action. But our work right now needs to focus on practical situations. We keep their desires in mind though. Where we can send the sleigh over populated areas, we will when we can.”

I expect more news about the immediate future of the test flights any day now.

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