Test Flights to Resume

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Test Flights

As rumored all day today North Pole Flight Command is clearing the flight schedule for test flights of Santa’s sleigh to resume. All operable sleighs will take off from the deck of the SS Jingle Bell, anchored in the South Pacific, within the next few hours.

Those tracking the sleigh – mostly tracker elves via SantaTrackers.net – will see a much fast track of the sleighs over the next few hours.

The sleighs will be performing what is called a repositioning exercise. This is a change from one part of the world to another for the next few weeks.

Complicating this repositioning effort is a change to the next generation of this year’s sleigh design. As we reported yesterday, the cause of this week’s sleigh crash was determined to be a defect in the design. This defect has been corrected and 12 new sleighs have been ordered and are just about ready to deliver for additional testing.

Therefore, the repositioning of the test flight theater will correspond to the activation of these new sleighs.

Also, as part of the test flight program, the fast-step repositioning and replacement of the sleighs will also correspond with communication coordination tests with each Regional Tracking Center. This is why elves in each Sector were put on high alert today.

The test pattern – while advanced in speed in a process we call “fast-step” will see the sleigh move quickly from sector to sector over the next 72 hours. They will at the end of their fast run head to the North Pole.

While there, the first generation of test sleighs (11 of them now), will be retired.

While at the North Pole test pilots and reindeer will be outfitted to the replacement sleighs and therefrom head to the new theater of action.

We do not yet know where those first test flights in the new sleighs will happen. By Thursday or Friday of this upcoming week, we should know.

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