Santa Calls for a Tracker Elf Conference

Tracker Elf Conference

Santa has called for a Tracker Elf Conference this Sunday to be held in the North Pole Chat Room at

The decision was made to hold the conference based on many factors:

  1. Questions Santa is receiving from concerned children all over the world.
  2. Questions North Pole Flight Command is receiving from new tracker elves
  3. Concerns about how Santa will deliver during the pandemic
  4. Questions about how the North Pole works
  5. Concerns about receiving news and direction from Santa

There is a lot of confusion out there about “who” exactly speaks for Santa when he flies around the world. The tracker elf conference will sort all this out and answer those questions.

This is the agenda:

3:00 pm EST – Elf Crash Murphy – The World’s Foremost Santa Tracker (and eye-in-the-sky reporter for North Pole Radio News) will discuss the very basics of tracking Santa for Santa.

3:30 pm EST – Elf Ed Zachary – Famed Santa Defender and Columnist for the North Pole Gazette will talk about Elf on the Shelf and who the really are

4:00 pm EST – Elf Max the Miracle Worker – Lead Tracker Elf Training at will discuss the right Santa tracker to use and other tools for those who Track Santa 4 Santa

4:30 pm EST – Elf Frank Myrrh – News Anchor for North Pole Radio News discusses using radio in Santa tracking efforts

5:00 pm EST – Elf Roger Star – International Director of Santa Trackers will discuss Santa’s flight plan and how sectors work

5:30 pm EST – Our closing speaker is a surprise mystery guest.

We hope to see you there if you are an elf Tracking Santa for Santa.


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  1. ben carter
    ben carter says:

    Hi Santa

    This is ben carter from Australia, I can not find my poppy’s Elf I have looked everywhere for him can you please help me find him.


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