Tracker Elves Number More than 40 Million

Tracker Elves Number More than 40 Million

Tracker Elves number more than 40 million now according to the latest data shared between North Pole Flight Command and

Last summer Santa set the goal to have 40 million or more Santa tracker elves for the 2020 Christmas flight and that will be blown away. Last year in the five days previous to Christmas nearly 6 million new elves joined the ranks.

Today, December 12th, with the goal now met for the year, some elves here are estimating as many as 10 million more new trackers will come in the final days before Christmas.

The importance of trackers elves cannot be overstated. Santa himself has said many times that he cannot get around the world quickly and safely without their help.

Elves who track Santa for Santa provide critical data to North Pole Flight Command that is then relayed to Santa in real time while in flight on his sleigh. The more tracker elves that Santa has on the ground the better, in fact.

Santa has also organized a Tracker Elf Conference, scheduled for December 13th in the North Pole Chat room at, to help train new trackers in their duties.

Not only are there more tracker elves this year there are more resources made available to them than ever before to give them training, information and breaking news.

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