Trackers Pass 1 Million Reports


Santa stunned the world at a press conference this year by announcing there would be no new recruiting goal for tracker elves. The focus would instead shift to the number of tracker reports filed this year in helping Santa track Santa for Santa.

The goal is 1 billion tracker reports.

So for us to be reporting a milestone of just 1 million tracker reports as of October 10th seems to be a little weak. However, you have to remember that tracker reports previously were usually all submitted after December 22nd. So 1 million reports by early October is actually quite significant.

What are elves reporting?

Right now, it is a lot of roof and chimney inspections. But in the weeks ahead I am hearing that North Pole Flight Command will be requiring more reports of trackers than ever before. In fact, I’m told the period from just after Halloween until about December 20th will be the heaviest reporting period of the year.

Yes, there will still be tracker reports needed after December 22nd and particularly in the early hours of December 24th.

But by spreading out the reports, assigning what can be done earlier, and focusing on the quality of the information shared with Santa that 1 billion good reports will be done to help get Santa around the world in record time with improved accuracy in delivery. That’s the goal.

Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers, said he met with Santa this week before he headed out to Canada for Thanksgiving. Roger said Santa “was thrilled” with the 1-million report milestone.

How important is 1 billion reports if we only have 1 million by this point so far? Santa seems to think we are right on track.

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