UFOs Reported Over Sector 3

UFOs Reported

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh have resulted in new reports of UFOs over Sector 3. A team from North Pole Security is being sent to North Africa to investigate.

North Pole Security investigates such incidences out of an abundance of caution. They are not looking to “get” anyone but rather to understand what it is that shares the skies with Santa.

“If we saw them then they saw us,” explains Flight Director, Elf Buck Sanchez. “We don’t mind sharing the sky. But we want to understand who they are and how to stay out of their way. We deal with a lot of government and military air craft in the skies. There are lots of private planes. We work hard to avoid accidents. We talk to airports and military bases all over the world when we test the sleigh and long before Santa ever takes flight. We normally know what we see and when we are going to see it. So when we spot something we can’t identify we try to figure it out.”

It is all work of keeping Santa safe, hence the investigation by North Pole Security.

We contacted Elf Agent X in North Pole Security to learn more. He simply said this was a routine investigation and nothing to worry about.

We will keep you posted.

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