Unprecedented Tracker Reporting


The early word from Elf Supervisors in every sector is that Santa’s plans for earlier reporting from tracker elves located around the world has been extremely successful.

Rather than cramming all the reports into the week before Christmas the reporting actually began last summer. Each sector since that time has compiled a database of information now available to Santa in detail never before imagined. Santa has descriptions, reports, photos, videos and even recommendations on everything from where to land the sleigh to how to get into a house that doesn’t have a chimney.

Santa believes this will give him a huge advantage in his quest to improve his delivery speed.

Santa usually completes his flight in about 30 to 32 hours each year. The goal to get in under 30 hours has so far eluded him.

Trackers from all sectors are active at this time and the early word on their activities is that it is strong and enthusiastic.

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