Version 11 of the Sleigh Under Construction

Version 11

The other day we announced via the release of Version 10 of Santa’s sleigh. Today we announce that Version 11 of the sleigh is already under construction.

This is not an unusual event. Santa’s sleigh gets many versions as we conduct test flights. Each version is designed to be better than the last.

Santa’s sleigh will continue test flights over North America this week and then will head toward the South Pacific in Sector 1 for a while. Night flights and various weather conditions will determine the ultimate flight plans and locations each day.

With Santa’s launch a little more than 3 weeks away Flight Command is now working around the clock to be ready.

Santa’s sleigh is not the only sleigh that will be in the sky that night. This week, officials in Flight Command meet to determine the sleigh needs for Operation Airlift. We will tell you about that in our next report.

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