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Test Flights
Test Flights Ending in Sector 3

After nearly a month with a heavy test flight schedule over the skies of Sector 3 Santa’s sleigh is shifting soon to a new field of operations.

Flight Command announced this morning that the test flights of Santa’s sleigh are heading soon to Sector 1 for an extended period of time.

Sector 1 has a lot of open ocean areas. It is one of the most challenging parts of the world to fly a sleigh.

Sleighs, as you know, are primarily designed for travel in the snow and snow is impossible to find in Sector 1. Of course, Santa’s sleigh is a flying sleigh, so it’s a little different. Ocean winds and landing zones are all different. There will be a big emphasis in testing the sleigh in particular with landing capabilities.

In addition, the sleigh over the course of the next several weeks will be mapping certain areas of the sectors where it flies. The mapping part of the test flights of Santa’s sleigh is something that always requires updating. Santa likes to use photography from sleigh flights instead of satellite imaging because he can get better detail under specific weather conditions. Unlike traditional aerial mapping Santa’s need for the look of certain areas under specific weather conditions is kind of critical.

We will update you as well in the weeks to come of work being done with the North Pole Navy.

100 Days to Santa's Launch
100 Days to Santa’s Launch

Santa’s launch is now only 100 days away. With the test flight firmly established over Sector 3 in Europe and Africa everything seems to be on course for a successful season.

“We are way ahead of where we thought we would be at this point,” said North Pole Flight Command flight director Elf Buck Sanchez. “The heart of the entire operation is Santa’s sleigh and it’s setting records. Santa will have a good flight this year.”

Santa himself is yet to flight the sleigh. But test pilots working on the project are gushing about how well it is going.

“Kids will want to the be in bed early this year – really early,” said Elf Test Pilot Jett Thrust. “I’m not even kidding. Santa could arrive hours earlier than normal. This sleigh is so hot Santa could make pizza on it and have it ready to deliver at the door before the cheese is even melted. That’s how fast this sleigh is.”

Test flights of the sleigh are planned to continue almost right up until the hour that Santa launches. “We want it perfect in every respect,” Elf Quinton Q. Quigley, head elf of Research and Development at the North Pole. “So we’re not going to stop making it better and better.”


Santa's Sleigh End August in Sector 5
Santa’s Sleigh Ends August in Sector 5

Santa’s sleigh will end August in Sector 5, performing maneuvers in the USA and Canada before heading somewhere else in September.

Flight analysts are very excited with the progress of the sleigh. Tests are being conducted at what is described as “extreme speeds” and are going so well many are predicting a new possible speed record for Santa this year if weather conditions are favorable.

Flight tests for September are still being planned. The recent return of reindeer to the North Pole gives flight test engineers greater flexibility.

It could be said that Santa’s sleigh is ahead of schedule at this point and that all conditions are favorable for Santa’s flight so far.

Test Flights
Test Flights to Resume Over the Pacific

Santa’s sleigh is on its way to the Pacific ocean for more test flights. New software has been completely installed and stabilized so it is time now to test it in flight.

Engineers say they will begin with high altitude speed tests along the coast of South America before heading to China later for load tests.

Tracking command for this new series of flights will shift to the North Pole Navy Command ship Jingle Bell, stationed somewhere in the Northern Pacific.

We do expect tracking command to shift to Sector 2 sometime in the next week as flights will for a time be centered over Asia.

As a reminder, you can follow the Santa Tracker at for live data relative to all test flights.