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Sleigh to Fly Fast This Weekend
Sleigh to Cover All Sectors This Weekend

Santa’s sleigh and some of his reindeer will be conducting high speed tests this weekend that will span the globe.

For the first time this year a real simulation of Santa’s flight will take place as the sleigh will appear in the skies over all sectors over the next couple of days. The only time that happens is usually when Santa himself flies on Christmas Eve.

The purpose of these tests is to see how the sleigh performs under sustained speeds of an unusually high nature. The sleigh will be tested both empty and full, also at high and low altitudes.

Sleigh engineers and flight planners in North Pole Flight Command are increasingly positive about the new design of Santa’s sleigh. Most here really feel Santa has a great chance to set a new speed record this year.

The test flights have been going very well. In fact, the sleigh is so well thought of that many are starting to worry instead about the reindeer. They are closely watching the condition of the reindeer so THEY do not end up being the reason Santa doesn’t set the record.

50 Days Until Santa Launches
50 Days Until Santa Launches

Today marks 50 days until Santa launches from the North Pole for his annual Christmas flight.

During most years this is a hectic milestone. But this year the design and test flights of Santa’s sleigh have gone so smoothly Flight Command has announced that test flights of Santa’s sleigh may end a little early this year.

This is expected to be the fastest sleigh on record. Flight analysts are nearly universal in their predictions of a historic flight for Santa this year.

What that means for believers around the world is still being debated. Is it possible the sleigh could be so fast that people worldwide will need to go to bed earlier this year?

Many believe so.

We really won’t know until Santa himself takes the reins when he launches the sleigh from the North Pole.

We will keep you posted.

Test Flights Resume
Test Flights Resume

Test flights resume over Sectors 4 and 5 this week with desert areas being a focus, for some reason. North Pole Flight Command says the nature of these flights is “classified” and will not reveal exactly where they are headed or why.

We have been informed however that test flights will be scheduled for later in November that focus on tracker training. More details of these events will be shared at for qualified tracker elves.

As the North Pole gears up for Operation Merry Christmas it should be noted that the test flight crew and sleigh design teams will actually start winding down their efforts for the season. A modified long-range schedule of test flights in December reveal that most flight will be done around the 18th of December, at which time Santa’s sleigh will return to the North Pole for cosmetic finishing.

A final test flight of Santa’s sleigh is scheduled just hours before Santa actually launches for himself.

Elves to take a Halloween Break
Elves to Take a Halloween Break

The elves and reindeer of the Santa’s sleigh test flight team will soon head north. They will be taking this weekend off to enjoy the Halloween festivities at the North Pole.

This movement will be visible on the Santa Tracker map at for those tracker elves following along.

Santa’s sleigh has been in continual test flight mode since early June. Flight analysts at the North Pole are very excited with what they see so far. The early bets are on that Santa will set a new speed record this year.

We do not yet know the direction of Santa’s sleigh after Halloween is over. But we are hearing rumors it will be used in part for training new tracker elves. When we have more details we will share them with you.