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Elf Roger Star

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Elf Roger Star International Director of Santa Trackers
Elf Buck Sanchez

"Tracking Santa for Santa is my life. Everyone should do this."

Elf Buck Sanchez Director of North Pole Flight Operations
Elf Meg Nogg

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Elf Meg Nogg Elf News Reporter

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North Pole Navy
Santa Expands the North Pole Navy

We are pleased to announce that Santa has ordered the expansion of the North Pole Navy. The follow ships have been deployed for service in the following locations:

SS Jingle Bell – Flagship serving in the Pacific
SS Snowball – Serving in the Arctic Ocean
SS Tannenbaum – Serving in the Indian Ocean
SS Donner – Serving in the North Atlantic
SS Eggnog – Serving in the South Atlantic
SS Mistletoe – Serving in the Coral Sea
SS Frosty – Serving in the Southern Ocean (Antarctica)

These seven vessels serve the Santa effort non-stop between now and when Santa returns on Christmas morning. They have been deployed to these fields of service with full crews and enough supplies to last for the duration of Operation Merry Christmas.

They serve many capacities. They are, in effect, floating tracking centers. They support sleigh flights all over the world. They carry critical supplies and have access to warehouses all over the world. They work to supply and re-supply sleighs in transit. They support elf travel and accommodations year round.

These ships are crucial part of Santa’s operation. They receive little notice and, because much of what they do is classified, we are unable to share much of the news of their action and accomplishments.

We will do the best we can to share what news of them we can as the season progresses.

150 Days
150 Days Until Santa’s Launch

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh have started as the 150 day milestone to Santa’s launch is observed.

12 sleighs have taken to the skies of South America, also known at North Pole Flight Command as Sector 4.

On the ground, the regional tracking center located in Milagro, Ecuador has been active and is now controlling those flights. It is very early in the process and engineers from there inform us that for the next several days the sleighs will be flying in “easy mode” – which translates to moderate speeds and altitude.

It is expected they will be in Sector 4 through at least the first part of next week.

North Pole Flight Command is hopeful that a flight schedule for the next month or so can be announced by the end of this week.

Tracking of the test flights of Santa’s sleigh can be done at

Africa Gets Their First Regional HQ

North Pole Flight Command announces a historic first for Sector 3, which covers the continents of Africa and Europe. This year’s regional headquarters will be located in Africa for the first time. Bethlehem, South Africa was chosen for it’s temperate climate, it’s central location within Sector 3, and for it’s available amenities useful in the support of Santa’s flight.

Elf Rolf and team are there rushing to get the facility open and ready to track test flights of Santa’s sleigh. It is winter there now and it is expected to see a lot of action early in the test flight process because of that.

Bethlehem is named after the other city of the same name, located in Palestine, which also hosts a regional tracking center, as announced last week by Flight Command. It is a historic first in many ways for Santa’s flight.

Bethlehem in South Africa, while not a remote location, is no large city, having just 25,000 estimated inhabitants. The name Bethlehem means “House of Bread”.

We will provide more details of this location once we receive a report from Elf Rolf.

Test Flights
Test Flights Begin Soon

Flight Director Elf Buck Sanchez announced today that test flights of Santa’s Sleigh will begin on Monday, July 26th.

Flights will begin in Sector 4, which has had their Regional Tracking Center live for several months now and is the team best prepared to track the test flights. We are told that flights very close to the regional HQ in Milagro, Ecuador are expected, with flight expanding further over South America in the next several days.

After about a week it is expected that flights will shift to over Sector 1, specifically over the countries of Australia and New Zealand.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the flights and where future flights will be scheduled.

It is not known at this time if the tracking map will yet be made available online. We will keep you posted.