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200 Days
200 Days to Santa’s Launch

North Pole Flight Command marks 200 days until Santa’s Launch today.

This is a significant milestone in the countdown. This week Elf Buck Sanchez will be checking in with each critical component of the launch team to see where they are in relation to their goals.

The sleigh team will be evaluated about the readiness of Santa’s sleigh and the plans for test flights which will begin next month. Elf Buck will review the plans for backup sleighs as well.

In Flight Command, elves will be working flight simulators and working on getting their flight certifications in advance of the launch of test flights. The test flights not only test the sleigh but also the teams tasked with monitoring the sleigh while in flight.

200 days also marks a review point for the reindeer. Elf Buck will meet with Elf Victor, head of the Reindeer Operations Department, to review reindeer team plans, projections, training and assignments.

At the end of this week, Elf Buck will meet with Santa himself to discuss whether or not all of these teams are on time with their plans and what adjustments might need to be made.

It is a busy time in North Pole Flight Command.

Bedtime advisory
New Bedtime Advisory Process Gets Tested

The process of sending out bedtime advisories from Santa’s sleigh is being updated and tested at this time.

This may be the first time in more than 25 years that this process might change.

Presently, Santa himself directs the process from his sleigh using computer assisted voice commands to send out prompts for when believers should head to bed. For example, Santa usually sends a bed time warning to folks in Japan while he is visiting in the Philippines.

That process has worked well.

However, Santa is looking to make the process a little easier and faster. He feels that with some extra elf help and in coordination with flight directors at North Pole Flight Command he can send out more timely advisories that match traditions better in certain parts of the world.

For example, island nation traditions of the South Pacific sees families celebrating late into the night on Christmas Eve, while believers in colder Northern climates tend to go to bed earlier.

Santa has always tried to adapt to local Christmas Eve customs when delivering.

But sometimes his advisories have come to early in the South Pacific or too late in, say, Norway.

He is looking to improve on that.

This new process is being tested by elves in Flight Command first. When test flights of Santa’s sleigh begin next month, the new process will be tested on live flights. We will keep you updated.

Test Flights
Test Flights Could Begin in July

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh could begin as early as July, according to North Pole Flight Command teams meeting with Santa. Several weeks ago the Department of Redundancy Department issued a warning that not enough time was being devoted to Santa’s sleigh this year which cause no small amount of upset in Flight Command.

Santa returned from the Elf Supervisor meetings in Costa Rica to find debate raging at Flight Command. Santa himself did not appear to have any concerns or opinions about the matter and seemed to be okay with the original schedule for test flights to begin the first week of September. But he met with those who issued the warning and with those in Flight Command responsible for the tests and it appears a compromise has been reached.

There are many details missing from this new plan, however.

For example, where are the reindeer needed to conduct these test flights? All of the reindeer have been absent from the North Pole since late January. Getting those test flight teams back early is going to require some effort that has not yet been talked about.

Likewise, test pilots for the flights need to be scheduled. We understand that several of the first team pilots are in the middle of re-scheduling their vacations in order to accommodate the new plan.

Will all this added effort actually help with the sleigh this year?

That remains to be seen.

I did check with the shop at the Research and Development Department and they reported that several prototypes of the new sleigh have been constructed and are ready to fly as soon as teams can be put together.

We will keep you updated.

250 Days Until Launch
250 Days Until Santa’s Launch

Santa’s launch is 250 days away. Elves in North Pole Flight Command are actually off today, as it is a Sunday and it is Easter. But the occasion is being marked with a number of activities.

In fact, a debate has erupted in recent days over Santa’s sleigh. I’m told there will be some meetings this week with elves from Research and Development to re-evaluate the flight plan for test flights of Santa’s sleigh. They are presently on the calendar to begin around day #113 to launch. Some feel that is too late of a start for testing and that more time will be needed to make changes and corrections to the sleigh if testing goes poorly.

If there are changes made to the plan we will let you know.

Another issue of concern is Santa’s reindeer and when they will be returning to the North Pole. Some feel they need to be back earlier too.