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Sleigh headed to Sector 2
Sleigh Headed to Sector 2

North Pole Flight Command indicates that Santa’s sleigh will soon start to transition to Sector 2. It will begin with an extended period over open water. Where that will exactly be has not been announced.

The sleigh has performed very well since the latest changes were implemented.

We expect that as the sleigh tests over Sector 2 – which is the largest of all sectors on the map – that it may station briefly on board one of the ships anchors in the Pacific ocean by the North Pole Navy.

There the sleigh may be involved in a series of short flight tests for test pilots in training. We may have more news of this activity at a later time.

As the month of July draws to a close we anticipate perhaps a new phase in the testing of the sleigh. Rumors are flying that perhaps Santa himself might participate in August.

That would be very unusual in this phase of the sleigh’s development. Once we have confirmed news we will share it with you.

Flaws in Santa's Sleigh
Flights Reveal Flaws in Santa’s Sleigh

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh have revealed design flaws that require adjustments. Flights are not being delayed, but new sleighs are being sent to test flight crews on a continual basis from the Research and Development Department.

At present, the test flights are over Sector 1 but will soon be moving to Sector 4 for continued testing. It is hoped that before test flights begin in Sector 4 that the most current designs are being tested.

Santa himself is yet to fly the new sleigh. It could be months before he does so.

Experts from Flight Command say all this is normal and that the sleigh is well ahead on the development timeline. While changes in the sleigh’s design are inconvenient they say it is completely normal. They contend none of these developments are so serious that plans will need to be delayed or that Santa’s mission is in any danger at all.

What They Are Doing Up There
What They Are Doing Up There

As Santa’s sleigh continues across Sector 5 we have had reports from many thousands claiming they have seen the sleigh in flight. We knew that would happen with so many eyes on the skies over the long holiday weekend in the United States.

But along with those reports have come questions and the #1 question is “What are they doing up there?”

To best answer the question you need to understand the different phases of the test flights. We are still very early in the development of Santa’s sleigh for this year. We have a long way to go. This is roughly the order of test flight phases:

1. High Speed, High Altitude Tests – Basic evaluation of structure and design.
2. Take Offs and Landings – A variety of locations are selected to test sleigh stability in taking off and landing.
3. Load Bearing Maneuvers – How does the sleigh perform when fully loaded versus when empty?
4. Speed Trials – Tests of the sleigh at different speeds and altitudes, loaded and unloaded.
5. Weather Testing – The sleigh is operated under every imaginable weather condition
6. Emergency Maneuvers – What if there is a fire? What if the sleigh lands in water? This phases tests the sleigh under unusual situations
7. Climate Trials – What effects on the sleigh can be found in extreme heat or cold?
8. Team Tests – These tests examine the sleigh and the reindeer and how they respond in certain situations.
9. Over Water Situational Training – There are millions of vessels on the oceans. The sleigh is tested for the challenge each one presents.
10. Tracking System Training – Tests of following Santa’s sleigh through technology and observation.
11. Communication Trials – Tests of radio, flash, Internet and other communication systems built into the sleigh
12. Stop-and-Go Adjustments – Tests of the sleigh at low altitudes and varying speeds
13. Cross Platform Communications – Tests of communications with airports, military and police all over the world
14. Orbital Training – Santa’s sleigh in outer space.
15. Finals – Last minute tests conducted the week before launch

This is, of course, just a generalized list and I can tell you we are still in phase one of testing. Some of these tests run independently, others run concurrently. A lot is going on between now and when Santa launches.

Your ability to see Santa’s sleigh when it is in your sector depends on a variety of factors. At present, the sleigh is testing at very high altitudes. It is doubtful it can be seen from the ground very much with the naked eye, especially during daylight hours. However, with binoculars or similar visual assist devices it could be possible.

We encourage you to track Santa on the map at a minimum, if you have access at If you are a tracker elf, I would be mindful of direction from your elf supervisor. During this first round the odds of having clear direction may only be slight. But it will increase as time goes on and the likelihood of seeing Santa’s sleigh in flight improves if you are paying attention to what your supervisor tells you when the sleigh is in your sector.

Reindeer Invited Home
Reindeer Invited Home

Santa’s reindeer have been invited home to the North Pole. North Pole Flight Command has officially requested a greater number of reindeer teams for further test flights of Santa’s sleigh.

After Christmas each year the reindeer leave for a season to return to their natural habitat. The reindeer come from every continent. They return usually in late summer or early fall of their own accord.

But in an unprecedented announcement, Flight Command has requested the reindeer to “return back to the North Pole earlier this year”.

News of the test flights is good. The sleigh is presently over Sector 5 doing high altitude maneuvers. Plans for the coming weeks have not been shared but flights do continue 24-hours a day. It is not known at this time if the sleigh will be tested in more than one place at a time in the weeks ahead.

Not all reindeer are test-flight certified either. So this call for reindeer is not for all reindeer.

Additionally, it is not known if this call will work. Reindeer are scattered in very remote places. Most have no access to technology and it is not known how they communicate. Santa has indicated that he has never asked them to come to the North Pole at a specific time before. So while the word is out there for their return there is no guarantee how many reindeer will even know about it.

Flight Command has even failed to be specific with where “home” might be. The North Pole Navy is stationed in both the Atlantic and Pacific, hosting floating command centers to help direct test flight activities. Would the reindeer need to show up there? Or is it better for them to just return to the Reindeer Barn at the North Pole.

Is this call just part of training? Or is it a serious need?

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