tracking santaThese are the questions we get asked most often:

Q: What is this website all about?
A: North Pole Flight Command — we’re all about getting Santa around the world on Christmas

Q: Who runs this website?
A: Elves at the North Pole Flight Command Center

Q: Do you track Santa?
A: Yes, but we’re different than most. We know Santa’s flight plan in advance. We have access to sensitive information concerning his flight. We are charged with coordinating the efforts of elves, reindeer and trackers who all support Santa on his flight.

Q: What is your job?
A: We direct North Pole air traffic. Santa’s sleigh is not the only one in the skies on Christmas. There are elves and reindeer all over the world who fly in support of Santa and his mission.

Q: What are all those elves and reindeer doing?
A: They serve in many capacities. Some are freight drivers, taking loads of gifts and goodies from the North Pole to reload Santa’s sack. Santa can’t fit everything on his sleigh so he employs a fleet of sleighs and drivers who fly all over the world in support.

Q: Do they do anything else?
A: Oh yes, there are divisions within Santa’s support fleet. Some are flying weather sleighs, to monitor and report weather conditions in trouble zones around the world. Others fly in mechanical support, fixing things like damaged fences and downed trees that sometimes fall victim to high speed sleigh activity in neighborhoods. Others are crews that work to refresh and supply the reindeer of their needs or to provide sleigh maintenance. There are thousands and thousands of flight missions on Christmas Eve.

Q: Is this the website to get all the Santa tracking information we need on Christmas Eve?
A: Oh heavens no. There are several sites that publish North Pole News. This is just one of several. This site focuses on Flight Command. We issue bed time warnings on Christmas Eve, for example. We have maps. We share news of trackers and for trackers.

Q: Why does the North Pole publish this information?
A: To take pressure off the North Pole Post Office. They get flooded with questions every year. We cannot tell all of Santa’s secrets in how he does it but there is much we can share and we’re glad to do it because kids just want to know.

Q: I want to be an elf. Can I become an elf?
A: Sure! Click here.

Q: No, no, no — I want to be an elf that flies a sleigh!
A: Don’t we all, pal? Everyone starts as a tracker. Get in line!