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South America is next on the flight plan for test flights of Santa’s sleigh. I’m told the nature of the tests there are “secret”.

I am not sure why they need to be secret. It is not like the world really understands the technology of Santa’s sleigh anyway. All I know is that the sleigh will change to a new team of reindeer and a new team of sleigh pilots in western Europe before heading to South America.

That is supposed to happen in the next few days.

Once it gets to South America there will be a news blackout. That means Flight Command will be sealed off and I won’t be able to get information from anyone.

They will still give us the map, but that’s about it.

I do not know yet how long the news blackout will last.

I’m told this is nothing to worry about. It is routine. Evidently they need to do secret tests all the time.