Halloween Break

Halloween Break Planned for Test Pilots

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh continues over parts of Asia and the Pacific ocean this week. For those following along on the map you will likely see the sleigh heading north in the coming days.

That is because the test pilots and the reindeer will be bringing the sleigh back to the North Pole and will be taking a brief break to celebrate Halloween. The North Pole traditionally celebrated Halloween in a big way. You can likely receive news of that event at the North Pole website.

The break will be very brief.

One of the things being testing right now is the data flow between the sleigh and the new Tracking Santa app.

Testers of the app may see some strange things in the app over the next week or so.

Test Flights

Santa’s Sleigh Heading to the South Pacific

After about a week in South America Santa’s sleigh is now going to head west over the Pacific on its way to New Zealand and Australia. Officials in North Pole Flight Command are not yet ready to say how long the sleigh will fly there.

We still have not learned much about the test flights conducted in South America. They were explained to us as “routine” but the details of those flights remain classified. We also note that Santa was here last week and actually flew the sleigh himself. That is the first time he has flown the sleigh this year and the first time in many, many years that he has piloted the sleigh in a test situation. This is not work that Santa normally does.

Santa seemed to be pleased with the sleigh. He didn’t say much and he left very quietly without saying goodbye to most of us. We assume he has returned to the North Pole.

The absence of more reindeer is not going unnoticed with the test flight teams. They have plenty of reindeer to do the test flights. They are concerned because Santa’s regular reindeer are usually participating in test flights at this time of the year as part of their conditioning to get ready for Christmas.

They have not returned yet to the North Pole and as such cannot yet be added to the flight rotation. Elves here are starting to talk.

Sleigh Heads to South America

South America Next

South America is next on the flight plan for test flights of Santa’s sleigh. I’m told the nature of the tests there are “secret”.

I am not sure why they need to be secret. It is not like the world really understands the technology of Santa’s sleigh anyway. All I know is that the sleigh will change to a new team of reindeer and a new team of sleigh pilots in western Europe before heading to South America.

That is supposed to happen in the next few days.

Once it gets to South America there will be a news blackout. That means Flight Command will be sealed off and I won’t be able to get information from anyone.

They will still give us the map, but that’s about it.

I do not know yet how long the news blackout will last.

I’m told this is nothing to worry about. It is routine. Evidently they need to do secret tests all the time.

Test Flights Over Europe

Test Flights Headed to Europe

North Pole Flight Command crews are preparing to resume test flights very soon. Santa’s sleigh will be leaving the mid-Atlantic and will be flying over land in Europe.

During the brief break in testing the sleigh received several design modifications. Engineers declined to specify what changes were made or why. They simply said these kinds of changes in the design of the sleigh are “routine” for this time of the year.

The reindeer used in supporting these test flights did receive a nice break. They are reportedly very anxious to get back to work. The Reindeer Department reported that no new reindeer have arrived at the North Pole to expand the working teams assigned to the test flights. We do not believe this is an issue, at least not in the short term.

How long the test flights would be over Europe was not announced.

We will all just need to watch the map in the coming days.