Final Tweaks to Santa's Sleigh

Final Tweaks Made to Santa’s Sleigh

Over in the sleigh barn a very special version of Santa’s sleigh is being worked on: the actual sleigh that Santa will use.

Dozens of sleighs are made over the course of the year as the new sleigh design is developed, tested and refined. With each flight pilots come back with new information and suggestions. By the time Santa actually gets to fly the sleigh it has become the most tested flying sleigh on the face of the earth.

This final sleigh is being worked on today. It has been painted. It has been customized in every detail to Santa’s every preference. It will sit there in the sleigh barn until the Final Test Flight takes off on December 23rd. It will be flown around the world one final time by one lucky test pilot.

It is scheduled to return late in the afternoon of December 23rd. When it returns it will be washed, waxed and loaded for Santa.

Santa will launch according to the countdown on every Official North Pole website.

You can follow the path of the final test flight right here on our map page.

Blizzard Warning

Blizzard Warning for the North Pole

The Weather Department has issued a blizzard warning for Tuesday through Saturday this week at the North Pole. The North Pole is currently in its 59th consecutive day of snow.

“Every model we check comes back with the same answer,” said Weather Department Head Elf, Seymour Snow. “It’s nothing but snow, snow and more snow”.

This is not a new challenge for the North Pole at Christmas. In fact, the tradition of snow when Santa launches has become something of a joke to reindeer handlers and sleigh technicians alike. The “unofficial tree” of the North Pole is the snow shovel.

A recent North Pole Radio News report on the weather commented on what crews are doing with all the extra snow.

It should be noted that despite the weather Santa’s flight operations are not expected to be affected.

Santa instructs Scouts

Santa Instructs Scouts at the North Pole

Santa Claus today joined a meeting of scouts who are in Flight Command today and tomorrow to receive instruction prior to leaving for field service.

The special elves are different from the Tracker Elves you read about at These are a special team of experienced elves who have served as field agents for flight command for decades.

There are 36 such elves. They leave soon for field assignments that will have them track Santa from ground level using special equipment to record flight data. In the past they have been referred to as “professional Santa trackers” but Santa has discouraged the use of that term in recent years.

As scouts there are sent to specific, and usually remote, locations that will fall directly beneath Santa’s anticipated flight path. In fact, both Santa and the Scouts carry synchronized beacons so that they can “find” each other when Santa flies. The idea is to provide data relative to Santa’s flight speed and altitude independent of any on board systems.

Scouts are also charged with reporting on special situations and circumstances. The nature of their missions are rarely, if ever, known outside of their department. Santa likely knows their missions but nobody else in Flight Command does.

Their meetings today and tomorrow are to discuss these special missions. Then the scouts will be dismissed to find their way to their assigned locations.

Occasionally one or more of these scouts get interviewed during the “Tracking Santa Around the World” radio broadcast that airs live on Kringle Radio. Their locations may be discussed briefly but their missions are never disclosed.

We will keep you posted on their activity, if they allow us.

Tracker Elves Number More than 40 Million

Tracker Elves Number More than 40 Million

Tracker Elves number more than 40 million now according to the latest data shared between North Pole Flight Command and

Last summer Santa set the goal to have 40 million or more Santa tracker elves for the 2020 Christmas flight and that will be blown away. Last year in the five days previous to Christmas nearly 6 million new elves joined the ranks.

Today, December 12th, with the goal now met for the year, some elves here are estimating as many as 10 million more new trackers will come in the final days before Christmas.

The importance of trackers elves cannot be overstated. Santa himself has said many times that he cannot get around the world quickly and safely without their help.

Elves who track Santa for Santa provide critical data to North Pole Flight Command that is then relayed to Santa in real time while in flight on his sleigh. The more tracker elves that Santa has on the ground the better, in fact.

Santa has also organized a Tracker Elf Conference, scheduled for December 13th in the North Pole Chat room at, to help train new trackers in their duties.

Not only are there more tracker elves this year there are more resources made available to them than ever before to give them training, information and breaking news.