New Bedtime Advisory Process Gets Tested

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The process of sending out bedtime advisories from Santa’s sleigh is being updated and tested at this time.

This may be the first time in more than 25 years that this process might change.

Presently, Santa himself directs the process from his sleigh using computer assisted voice commands to send out prompts for when believers should head to bed. For example, Santa usually sends a bed time warning to folks in Japan while he is visiting in the Philippines.

That process has worked well.

However, Santa is looking to make the process a little easier and faster. He feels that with some extra elf help and in coordination with flight directors at North Pole Flight Command he can send out more timely advisories that match traditions better in certain parts of the world.

For example, island nation traditions of the South Pacific sees families celebrating late into the night on Christmas Eve, while believers in colder Northern climates tend to go to bed earlier.

Santa has always tried to adapt to local Christmas Eve customs when delivering.

But sometimes his advisories have come to early in the South Pacific or too late in, say, Norway.

He is looking to improve on that.

This new process is being tested by elves in Flight Command first. When test flights of Santa’s sleigh begin next month, the new process will be tested on live flights. We will keep you updated.