Final Tweaks Made to Santa’s Sleigh

Final Tweaks to Santa's Sleigh

Over in the sleigh barn a very special version of Santa’s sleigh is being worked on: the actual sleigh that Santa will use.

Dozens of sleighs are made over the course of the year as the new sleigh design is developed, tested and refined. With each flight pilots come back with new information and suggestions. By the time Santa actually gets to fly the sleigh it has become the most tested flying sleigh on the face of the earth.

This final sleigh is being worked on today. It has been painted. It has been customized in every detail to Santa’s every preference. It will sit there in the sleigh barn until the Final Test Flight takes off on December 23rd. It will be flown around the world one final time by one lucky test pilot.

It is scheduled to return late in the afternoon of December 23rd. When it returns it will be washed, waxed and loaded for Santa.

Santa will launch according to the countdown on every Official North Pole website.

You can follow the path of the final test flight right here on our map page.

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