Tracking Centers Worldwide Synchronize

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Tracking Centers

As trackers worldwide begin preparations to Track Santa North Pole Flight Command is working today to complete synchronization with five regional tracking centers spread across the globe.

North Pole Flight Command has the world divided into roughly five different sectors:

– Sector 1 – Oceania, including South Pacific Nations, New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Rim
– Sector 2 – Asia and the Middle East
– Sector 3 – Europe and Africa
– Sector 4 – The Atlantic, Greenland and South America
– Sector 5 – Central and North America

The regional tracking centers are mostly remote and all are in secret, unmarked facilities. These are their general locations:

– Sector 1 – Christmas Island, Australia
– Sector 2 – Rudolph Island, Russia
– Sector 3 – Star, Scotland
– Sector 4 – La Paz, Bolivia
– Sector 5 – Antler, North Dakota, USA

The redundancy in tracking centers is necessary due to the possibility that power loss or other catastrophe at North Pole Flight Command. In that case, one of the other tracking centers would become the primary hub of news, information and coordination.

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