Flights Reveal Flaws in Santa’s Sleigh

Flaws in Santa's Sleigh

Test flights of Santa’s sleigh have revealed design flaws that require adjustments. Flights are not being delayed, but new sleighs are being sent to test flight crews on a continual basis from the Research and Development Department.

At present, the test flights are over Sector 1 but will soon be moving to Sector 4 for continued testing. It is hoped that before test flights begin in Sector 4 that the most current designs are being tested.

Santa himself is yet to fly the new sleigh. It could be months before he does so.

Experts from Flight Command say all this is normal and that the sleigh is well ahead on the development timeline. While changes in the sleigh’s design are inconvenient they say it is completely normal. They contend none of these developments are so serious that plans will need to be delayed or that Santa’s mission is in any danger at all.

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