Merry Christmas Radio Signs to Track Santa

Merry Christmas Radio has signed to carry Santa tracking information from North Pole Flight Command and the Kringle Radio Network thru beginning on December 23rd, 2020.

The station will live stream the world-famous “Tracking Santa Around the World” live radio broadcast from the studios of North Pole Radio news. The show is a 50-hour broadcast event featuring the best of Christmas music interrupted only by breaking news of Santa’s flight and the arrival of Christmas around the world.

The program launches as Christmas Eve dawns in the far South Pacific and does not end until Santa returns home to the North Pole. That’s usually a 50-hour adventure.

The North Pole spares no expense in providing this coverage. Anchored at the North Pole Flight Command Center with elves strategically placed on every continent, as well as a reporter serving in an “eye-in-the-sky” capacity following behind Santa in his sleigh, the broadcast updates roughly every 15 to 30 minutes with news of Santa’s position and the reaction of Christmas celebrants around the world.

Occasionally there are eye-witness reports of Santa in flight. Here is an example of a news report from a previous flight:

We are very excited to have Merry Christmas Radio as our first new member of the Kringle Radio Network for Christmas 2020.

North Pacific Test Flights

Test Flights Over the North Pacific

Santa’s sleigh is engaged in test flights over the North Pacific. You can follow the progress of those flights on our Tracker Map. As you can see, the focus of the test flights has shifted further west from Northern Canada where the first speed trials of the sleigh were run in the past two weeks.

Reports from sleigh test pilots are very positive. Santa has not yet flown the sleigh himself and we do not know when he will do so.

Why is the sleigh being moved to the North Pacific?

Santa spends a good deal of his time over water on Christmas Eve. It is very important that the sleigh perform well over water. Over the next several days the sleigh will be tested at various altitudes, in different kinds of weather, during the day and during the night, empty and heavily load — all to see how it performs over water. This will not be the first time these tests are run.

As we reported earlier the North Pole has requested additional reindeer to help with sleigh testing.

We also have news from the Sleigh Barn than four additional test sleighs have been authorized for construction and should deliver to the North Pole sleigh port in about a week. Each of these new sleighs will be slightly modified from earlier versions. Each will have to go through a strict test protocol. As each stage of testing is passed, a review with Santa of results is taken and new modifications are made to the sleigh design. Then more new sleighs are constructed and then tested. This cycle repeats itself over and over until around mid-December.

Reindeer Returning to the North Pole

Reindeer Returning to the North Pole

We are seeing more and more reindeer returning to the North Pole in recent days. Santa has directed that test flights of the new sleigh accelerate. This means he needs more reindeer.

A call was made earlier this week to reindeer ranches around the world maintained by the North Pole. Elves working in those locations enthusiastically responded to Santa’s request.

Santa may venture out to visit some of the reindeer ranches soon. If true, it will be the first time he has left the North Pole since he returned abruptly from his walkabout in early April.

Of course, the virus concerns are still very real and some at the North Pole have expressed doubts that Santa should go. A recent visit with Elf Dr. Lionel P. Spock suggests that Santa has received an evaluation and has been cleared for travel. If this happens we will let you know.

We have had nothing but good news coming from the test flights of Santa’s new sleigh. It is performing very, very well.

New Sleigh is Ready for Test Flights

Rumors out of the North Pole Research and Development Department are that Santa’s new sleigh for 2020 is close to being ready.

Confirming those rumors today, Elf Quinton Q. Quigley, who directs the R&D Department, said the sleigh was ready for test flights.

“Santa has been very hands-on with this year’s new sleigh and he is very particular about details,” Elf Quigley said. “But it’s all been good because he is an exceptional designer and, of course, an expert pilot. He smashed speed records last Christmas so he is very intent on doing even better this year. I can tell you that Santa is very anxious to fly this sleigh.”

Santa will not be test piloting the new sleigh.

He has other priorities at this time, we are told.

Last year Santa didn’t even touch the sleigh until Christmas Eve. This year he is hoping to find time to actually get in the sleigh before he takes flight. He feels he can shave an extra 15 minutes or more off his overall flight time if he has a chance to practice.