Sector 4 Regional Tracking Center Announced

Sector 4 Regional

Sector 4 covers South America, Greenland and most of the Atlantic regional. Today North Pole Flight Command announces that the Regional headquarters for this sector will this year be located in San Nicholas, Aruba. Here is where it is on the map:


It is the 2nd tropical location for a regional tracking center so far announced. It is very central to the entire sector and will be ideally suited for coordinating North Pole flight activities come Christmas time.

Elf Supervisor Tubby Ryder, who has already been to the proposed location many times this year, predicts that Sector 4’s tracking center will be up before test flights of Santa’s sleigh can begin flying over the territory. “We’re moving into a very good building that already has the electrical and Internet connections we require and minimal remodel efforts”, Elf Tubby said. “It will be a fast set up.”

Elves are motivated to be there. It is an exceptionally beautiful location:

San Nicolas

“We’re not on the beach itself,” Elf Tubby said, “But we are very close by. We feel this will be an outstanding location for us to be at between now and Christmas. We’re very excited about this year’s location.”

San Nicholas is the 2nd largest city in Aruba and is a very popular tourist destination.

The exactly location of the North Pole facility there is kept confidential for security purposes.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg Nogg! And congratulations to San Nicholas, Aruba! I’ve memorized the name, even though I didn’t know where it was before I read this, lol. Elf Tubby, you’re so faster; you’ve already set up there! Wow, it has the beautiful beach, and I heard it’s a very popular place, you can enjoy seeing some wonderful art around there too. I want to visit there someday. I hope all of their work will go successfully. XD


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