Software Upgrade for Santa’s Sleigh

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Software Upgrade

Santa’s sleigh has returned to the North Atlantic and is taking a bit of a flight break for a software upgrade.

The electronics on Santa’s sleigh are very sophisticated. The sleigh is equipped with several communication systems but none is more important than Internet. It is via the Internet that Santa is able to connect his sleigh to the databases of the North Pole. Through this wireless satellite technology Santa is able to have access to his files on any particular believer out there.

Through it he can access wish lists, letters, maps, directions, photos or any other kind of information that is collected on every believer. Santa has records dating back centuries and he knows a lot about most people. But none of that is useful to him if he cannot access it.

Software is needed to connect, access and then deliver to Santa – securely – the information that he needs.

Software also integrates with flight tracking systems, weather computers, and a variety of functions related to the work of the North. It all has to work.

These upgrades happen regularly. They need to be tested thoroughly before the sleigh takes again to the air. When the sleigh is again in flight these systems will be upgraded again. We do not exactly know how long the sleigh will be grounded or where the sleigh will be headed to test the software.

As we learn this information we will share it with you.

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