150 Days Until Santa Launches

150 Days Until Santa Launches

There are now only 150 days until Santa launches and North Pole Flight Command has a long list of things to get ready:

  1. Santa has announced that he wants 200 million tracker elves working by the time he launches. Those elves need to be recruited, trained and deployed.
  2. Test flights of Santa’s sleigh continue. The sleigh is on track but testing must be completed and the final version of the sleigh must still be built.
  3. The reindeer need to return to the North Pole. Once they do they must be conditioned, assessed and assigned.
  4. Santa’s workshop is on target with their production goals. They need to remain so.
  5. The North Pole Post Office needs to gear up for the mail Santa anticipates will arrive from fans around the world.
  6. Tracking stations worldwide need to be established and linked to regional flight command centers.

And this is just the short list!

At 150 days things are looking good.

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