Sleigh Headed to Sector 2

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Sleigh headed to Sector 2

North Pole Flight Command indicates that Santa’s sleigh will soon start to transition to Sector 2. It will begin with an extended period over open water. Where that will exactly be has not been announced.

The sleigh has performed very well since the latest changes were implemented.

We expect that as the sleigh tests over Sector 2 – which is the largest of all sectors on the map – that it may station briefly on board one of the ships anchors in the Pacific ocean by the North Pole Navy.

There the sleigh may be involved in a series of short flight tests for test pilots in training. We may have more news of this activity at a later time.

As the month of July draws to a close we anticipate perhaps a new phase in the testing of the sleigh. Rumors are flying that perhaps Santa himself might participate in August.

That would be very unusual in this phase of the sleigh’s development. Once we have confirmed news we will share it with you.

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