Test Flight Sleighs Return

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Test Flight

Twelve test flight sleighs have returned to the North Pole, completing their service to Santa this season. These twelve sleighs over the past week have flown various missions in every sector.

That means there is only one more chapter to write when it comes to the test flight part of the development of Santa’s sleigh: the final test flight.

The final test flight is a very important one this year. It will happen in just a few hours. Where it goes does not really matter. In fact, that final test flight will not be shown on the Tracking Map this year. It will be pushed in a series of final maneuvers intended to earn the final approval of being the sleigh for Santa’s mission.

This sleigh design has been problematic from the beginning. Some in Flight Command do not have the confidence this sleigh can be ready. Others feel differently.

We will keep you updated.

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