An Unusual Assignment for Two of Santa’s Reindeer

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Santa's Reindeer

Dasher and Prancer, two of Santa’s elite A-team of reindeer, have been assigned duty with the test flight team, presently working over the skies of Sector 2 in Asia.

It has been decades since the test flight team has seen any of Santa’s starting reindeer. And back then such an assignment was usually made for training or rehabilitation duties related to the health of one of Santa’s team. But this time it is different.

This time it is classified. We cannot disclose at this time why Dasher and Prancer are being sent.

We will say that they will be performing special duties related to the latest version of the sleigh being tested. The sleigh has had many performance issues this year and some are growing concerned that this design will not be ready for Santa to fly this Christmas.

Dasher and Prancer will travel to Sector 2 and meet up with the test flight teams before the launch of the latest version of the sleigh.

How long they will be there and serving in this capacity is not known at this time.

As more news becomes available, we will inform you.

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