Debate Over Santa’s Sleigh

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Intense debate is raging in North Pole Flight Command about a new sleigh for Santa in 2024.

Last year’s sleigh was so successful that some elves feel improvements to Santa’s sleigh are not necessary.

Santa set a new all time speed record in 2023 and finally, after years of trying, broke the 30-hour barrier in making deliveries around the world.

“That was no cheap record,” said Elf Roger Star, director of North Pole Flight Command. “Santa’s deliveries were not only done quickly but efficiency actually improved with this flight. That too set a record, so very few were missed. There is no doubt that improvements on Santa’s sleigh will be set at a very high bar this year.”

The Sleigh Department wants Santa to weigh in the question: do they design and build an all-new sleigh or do they just make another sleigh based on last year’s record setting design?

Santa will have a new sleigh in 2024 as last year’s sleigh is already in the Sleigh Hall of Fame Museum at the North Pole.

Elf Roger says that Santa will need to weigh in soon on this question as the year is quickly slipping away. A new sleigh design needs to be created and tested thoroughly before Santa flies it on Christmas.

Customarily the Sleigh Department works with North Pole Flight Command to launch test flights in late June or early July.

We will keep you posted on this developing story.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Meg Nogg! I’m curious about Santa’s sleigh lest year what the biggest difference was with other past sleighs. Santa flew so rapidly to places, especially in Sector 5. I wonder how the elves refilled toys in Santa’s sleigh while he was moving. It’s Christmas Magic! Does Santa want to break the speed record this year, too, or make more families have a peaceful, merry Christmas, etc? I’m delighted to work for Santa with all of you this year too! XD


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