North Pole Navy Deploys to the Pacific

North Pole Navy

The North Pole Navy has deploy a second fleet to the Pacific to help support flight operations scheduled later in Sectors 1, 2 and 4. Led by the Jingle Bell, the five ship fleet will host a floating flight command center as well as a tracker elf training facility. The fleet will be operational by July 6th. The convoy is slightly behind schedule due to added vessels and elf personnel that were not originally planned for.

Last month the North Pole Navy deployed a smaller convoy to the North Atlantic. That fleet is now supporting flight operations over Sectors 3 and 5.

It should be noted that all regional tracking centers are now fully operational. Just as on Christmas Eve, the North Pole Navy works in concert with their land-locked partners to support flight and freight operations.

So far all stations report full operational status without issues.

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