North Pole Radar Tracking a Massive Object

Massive Object

BREAKING – North Pole radar is tracking a massive moving object headed towards the North Pole. The object has not yet been identified. The object was picked up over the North Atlantic ocean coming out of Norway and heading west before it took a direct turn north over Greenland. It appears to be headed towards the North Pole at a steady rate of speed.

“We’re studying the object now,” said Elf Buck Sanchez, Flight Director at the North Pole Tracking Center. “It’s much to large to be any kind of aircraft and we have nothing to indicate that it is harmful.”

The weather department is certain it is now a weather event either.

“We know what storm clouds look like,” said Elf Seymour Snow, head of North Pole Weather Department. “This phenomenon acts nothing like a storm. There’s no temperature associated with it. No precipitation. And it is moving in the wrong direction, against the winds. It’s not weather.”

Speculation is running rampant that this “massive” moving cloud could be Santa’s reindeer returning to the North Pole.

We refer you to North Pole News at for any new information relative to the reindeer returning.

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