Thanksgiving Break Announced for Test Flights

Thanksgiving Break

A Thanksgiving break for test flights of Santa’s sleigh was announced today so that test pilots and reindeer can be with their families. They will also be able to take part in the planned festivities at the North Pole for Thanksgiving.

This is the final break on the schedule for this year.

For many of our test pilots the “real” testing of Santa’s sleigh takes place after Thanksgiving anyway. For months now the flights have focused on refining the sleigh design. Now the focus will be on stabilizing the sleigh’s performance at high speeds under all kinds of weather conditions.

Some call this the “danger zone” — when Santa’s sleigh is tested to the limit.

For our test pilots, however, these are critical tests. Nobody flies the sleigh faster than Santa will. Every year the new sleigh gets rigorous testing because Santa will be looking to beat all previous speed records. He needs to constantly improve so that he can keep up with the demands of the world. Speed equals time, which is very precious to Santa and his merry job.

So the testing of the sleigh in the next few weeks is very important.

Where is Santa’s sleigh headed AFTER Thanksgiving?

I don’t know that yet. But once the big wigs at Flight Command meet and plan I will be sure to let you know. I’m sure Santa has some direction for them too.

But for the next few days they will be hanging near the North Pole — and they will be taking Thursday off, for sure.

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