250 Days Until Santa’s Launch

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250 Days Until Launch

Santa’s launch is 250 days away. Elves in North Pole Flight Command are actually off today, as it is a Sunday and it is Easter. But the occasion is being marked with a number of activities.

In fact, a debate has erupted in recent days over Santa’s sleigh. I’m told there will be some meetings this week with elves from Research and Development to re-evaluate the flight plan for test flights of Santa’s sleigh. They are presently on the calendar to begin around day #113 to launch. Some feel that is too late of a start for testing and that more time will be needed to make changes and corrections to the sleigh if testing goes poorly.

If there are changes made to the plan we will let you know.

Another issue of concern is Santa’s reindeer and when they will be returning to the North Pole. Some feel they need to be back earlier too.

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