Warning Issued About Santa’s Sleigh

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The Department of Redundancy Department has issued a warning to Flight Command about the schedule for the development of Santa’s Sleigh for this year. In a highly public and unusual announcement the department claimed the schedule for rolling out Santa’s new sleigh was insufficient and would lead to problems.

The Department of Redundancy Department was formed after the near disaster of Christmas 2020. An inventory snafu was only discovered late on Christmas Eve that nearly derailed Santa’s delivery plans. The Department of Redundancy Department was so named because it was charged with “double checking” all production plans well in advance to ensure a similar mistake never happened again.

Their ongoing review of all North Pole systems – which would include Research and Development and the roll out of Santa’s sleigh every year – is supposed to be independent of every other department. In other words, there is nothing to stop or influence their research, conclusions or public opinions.

Today’s report from the Department of Redundancy Department slams the plans for Santa’s sleigh this year. Those plans, long publicized on this website and other Official North Pole websites, have indicated that last year’s sleigh design would be used for this year’s sleigh. Last year’s sleigh was one of the most thoroughly tested sleighs in history and resulted in a record-breaking flight for Santa last Christmas.

The report today suggests that not enough time, effort or testing is planned for this year’s sleigh. They claim their review of this year’s plans show that test flights will not be scheduled until after September 1st. They say that is not enough time to properly evaluate this year’s build of the sleigh and how it might fly with Santa this Christmas.

It recommends moving up the test flight schedule.

North Pole Flight Command has not yet reacted to the recommendations of the Department of Redundancy Department. Neither has Santa.

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