Reindeer Receive Physicals

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Santa’s reindeer are today getting full physicals in advance of Santa’s big flight next week.

This is a routine procedure. It is required of all reindeer serving in Operation Merry Christmas and it is no exception even for Santa’s reindeer. Guidelines at the North Pole require the physical to ensure the reindeer are fit for Christmas duty. Santa does not want to risk injury or illness for any reindeer.

Most reindeer have already had their physicals this past week. Santa’s A-team of reindeer typically are among the last to receive it because they have the most important duty on Christmas Eve – to get Santa around the world.

Some have worried about Vixen, who a few weeks ago was slightly injured in a training exercise. Doctors have already cleared Vixen for flight next week and according to handlers in Reindeer Operations she is 100%.

There are no surprises expected of the physicals. Some time in the next several days the reindeer assignment list will be published, but the physicals must be completed before that can happen.

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