Tracking Map Goes Dark

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Tracking Map

The Santa Tracking Map at, which has been active since test flights launched in July, has gone dark.

Officials at North Pole Flight Command today decided to pull the tracking of test flights of Santa’s sleigh from the view of tracker elves worldwide.

“It was not an easy decision,” said Elf Buck Sanchez, head elf of Flight Operations at the Sleigh Port at the North Pole. “We are launching version 12 of the sleigh, likely the last of this year’s test vehicles. That sleigh will hit the skies immediately.”

For tracker elves that means no map will be available until Santa launches later on Friday, December 23rd.

“It presents a new challenge this week to our tracker elves,” said Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers at “We plan to use this as a training opportunity over the next few days. We encourage our trackers to check the news feed at for more details.”

Santa’s sleigh has been embroiled in performance controversies since the first test flights began. What is happening this week is unprecedented. Officials at Flight Command remained tight lipped about Santa’s sleigh this year, refusing to take questions from the media.

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