Tracker Elves Go on Alert

Tracker Elves

Tracker elves worldwide have been on alert by North Pole Flight Command. With Santa’s launch quickly approaching this is a critical week for all who track Santa.

That includes a whole community of remote working elves who track Santa for Santa at Their primary function is to help Santa to get around the world safely by reporting local conditions to Flight Command.

They have worked all year long to send detailed information to Flight Command and this week they will function as Santa’s eyes on the ground. These elves are literally everywhere.

At this point, these Trackers are now on alert, ready to respond at any moment to needs identified by North Pole Flight Command.

They will soon begin a structured check-in process sector-by-sector. They will then be ready to respond in an orderly fashion to whatever Santa says he will need.

It began for them today by going on alert – meaning they are now ready to respond at any given time.

A much smaller team of North Pole based professional tracker elves are gathering now at Flight Command. These elves travel from the North Pole to remote reporting stations strategically located in various places around the world. This group of elves are charged not only with remote capabilities of roving to different areas in search of information but also with deliberately trying to spot Santa in the skies.

Using sensitive equipment and an agenda to look for certain things as Santa flies these elves report how Santa, the reindeer and the sleigh perform. They take video which is later studied by experts at the North Pole who constantly work to improve sleigh design and reindeer management.

All of these combined elements are now working with the efforts of North Pole Flight Command to help Santa get around the world.

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